Mark Borst

Team Manager


Mark Borst is the Team Manager of Team Versatile and is a real estate professional selling real estate, since 2005, in Northwest Indiana and Chicago Markets.

Mark is always on the lookout for seasoned agents that want to take a more fiscally responsible approach to running their own real estate business under the Versatile Umbrella.

Mark runs a team of Residential Agents who are certified providers of The Value-Driven Approach to Sell Real Estate  and play the game of List It or Flip It!

Previously Mark was on the GNIAR grievance committee for two years, as well as the MLS committee for GNIAR to assist in developing new and innovative technology for agents to utilize in their business.

Mark grew up in Rockford IL and now resides in Schererville IN with his loving wife and 2 sons. Prior to Real Estate, Mark was in the restaurant industry owning and managing multiple national franchise operations. Mark is actively involved with St Michaels Church, Crown Point Lacrosse, and Forest Ridge Academy.

Other than Real Estate, Mark is also the Co-founder of IMPACT CLUB Tri Town and the Host of a Local Podcast Ask NWI, that interviews local businesses in Northwest Indiana to help small business thrive in the Region.